Technical Difficulties

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates because school has been super busy. In the program I’m in, third year is when you get to specialize in different modules, and I chose one called Medical Biophysics. It’s been a lot of work but really a breath of fresh air compared to the standard biology/chemistry/orgo/etc. of the last two years.

I finally had some time to breathe so my friend Henry and I are really pushing to finish off a research project we started in the summer. I won’t go into too much detail here but it requires a lot of coding in MATLAB, so I was really frustrated when MATLAB wouldn’t boot properly on my lab computer. I tried restarting and debugging and everything I could think of, but nothing would work. I blamed the computer for being problematic (I mean, who does scientific research on a hackintosh OS X 10.6??) and I had given up when Henry pointed out that I actually had 2 monitors plugged into my computer…and behold, MATLAB was running on that other monitor.

I’ve learned that sometimes you really have to just chill out.